The face behind Equine Concept is me - Sabrina.

Born 1990 in the Hunsrueck, I found my passion in equestrian sports and horses. With my first horse, I also gave a lot of time in learning how to keep it healthy. I am a Vet. Osteotherapist und Health Scientist now.
2011 the idea for Equine Concept grows in my mind.

Every day, I am working with my hands on each browband and am creating new anatomical bridles, which should bring as much comfort to your horse as possible. 
Because I am concerned about your four-legged friend.


Unexceptional all browbands are made by me, with my own hands - completely, in my small workshop which is lying in the beautiful Hunsrueck.

I am not buying raws, as business competitors often are doing. Because I think Made in Germany, means Made in Germany.

My goal is, to design bridles which won´t make any pressure to the horse.

From my work as Vet. Osteotherapist I know that many problems are homemade. Many of them are coming from unfitting equipment. Most people will think now at the saddle, but also the bridle often does not fit. I am not meaning the size. I am meaning the shape. A too small neckpiece can be heavy and hard to the ligamentum nuchae, directly behind the ears. Tension, shortening of the ligament and blockades can occur, which often can be visible at the pelvic.

That´s why it is a heart thing to me, to make bridles which are wide and soft in the neckpiece.