As a small one woman business it was always a matter close to my heart, to take account to the environment, animal welfare and the climate.

We only have one planet Earth.

2023 I finally was able to produce around 75% of all of my products in my Manufactory, in the beautiful Nahetal in Germany.

Due to this, I save a lot of CO2, because the Products don´t need to be shipped around half the world.

Also I have more control of the used material, their making and their waste.

I am working continuously in changing and improving things.
It´s an never ending learning process. 

100% of my Browbands and 75% of my sold Bridles are made in my Manufactory in Germany.

That´s more then the most of my competition is doing.

I try to use as much material as possible from Germany, but at least from the EU. That´s working in most situations.

I am not only buying it from retailers, I am getting it directly from the makers. So I can be sure it is really made in Germany and not outsourced.

The positive effect of "Made in Germany" considering the sustainability may not get lost.

Animal welfare is extremely important. As a horse owner, I want to be hundred percent sure, that my used leather comes from happy cows, which have lived an appropriate life.

My leather is waste from the food industry. No animal died, because it´s skin.

The German Tannery Kobel only handles leather from German Cows, which also have lived their whole live here. Due to the very high animal welfare regulations, I can be sure they have lived a good life.